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Coinbase is the most popular fiat to crypto exchange. It is mostly for US customers.

As most exchanges are it requires KYC (Know Your Customer).

You will be using this as a tool to buy crypto using your debit or credit card.

If you don’t have an account with Coinbase yet, you can sign up HERE.


Buying Crypto

Once you have an account with Coinbase, Log In and go to your DASHBOARD.

On your dashboard menu, select “Buy/Sell” then click on “Add A Payment Method” as shown on the image below.

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Start adding or linking your credit card or debit card. Some banks don’t allow credit cards to be used to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, most banks do allow you to use your debit card.

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Coinbase is going to send small transaction into your bank account to confirm. Open your account and look for the Coinbase transaction and enter the 2 highest numbers as shown below.

coinbase 1d

coinbase 1c

Once you have successfully linked your card you can now start buying crypto. On this example, we will be buying $10 worth of bitcoin.

On your dashboard menu select “Buy/Sell” then “Buy”. Enter the amount you want to spend, on this example we are using $10, then click on “Buy Now”.

coinbase 4

coinbase 5


Selling Your Crypto

There are a few countries that Coinbase DO NOT support selling your crypto for fiat money (dollar). What you can do is send that crypto to another exchange that supports it like CoinSpot or Coins.



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