coinbase earn layout

You need to have a Coinbase account to participate.

If you don’t have an account with Coinbase please sign up using my referral we both get $10 later on.

Join Coinbase using this link

Go to to start the course

All answers in this tutorial are given. You have to remember that the answers will appear in random order.

It will also be better if you download the brave browser now, it will earn you $7 later.

Download brave HERE

Click on the “Earn $1 Bat” to start.

Lesson 1. Click on the video to play, once you’ve done that the “Take The Quiz” button will be enabled. You can pause the video then click on the “Take The Quiz.

Remember the answers appears in random order.

Lesson 2

Remember the answers appears in random order.

Lesson 3

Remember the answers appears in random order.

Lesson 4. Download the brave browser HERE, it is also available in IOS and Android. Then verify your installation.

If you check your balance in your Coinbase account, all your BAT Token should all be there.


This is not financial advice or investment advice. Everything we cover here is my experiences, opinions and what I would do. Please do your own research.

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