Earn $59 worth of compound, $6 worth of celo, and $6 worth of maker dao.

Earn $31 In Just 15 Minutes. Earn $59 worth of compound, $6 worth of celo, and $6 worth of maker dao.

Hello, welcome back to my channel again.

We will be looking at other ways to make money with crypto.

These might not be a big deal to people who live in western countries but it will be a big help to others who live in developing countries like the Philippines.

I have been following this because it is a great help to people who are looking to earn.

$2, $6 or $10 might be nothing if you live in the US, Canada or Australia but if you live in the Philippines that $10 is already 500 pesos. What if you can get that 500 pesos in just 15 minutes of your time. That is more than the average daily wage.

Keep watching and I will show you where to get a possible $171 or 8500 pesos and how to cash it out.

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Okay, let us start.

Head over to coinbase.com and create an account. Don’t forget to use my referral link on the description below so that you will get $10 worth of bitcoin.

If you already have an account with coinbase.com, just log in.

If you look at the top menu, you will see a tab where it says “Earn Crypto Get $171+”. Click on that and you will be taken to coinbase earn.

On coinbase earn you will get paid by learning about a certain cryptocurrency and taking the quizzes. You need to watch a short video then you will have to answer a quiz.

I already have done most of the quizzes so that you don’t have to watch the full video. If you want the answers to the quizzes, just go to pinoycrypto.com. All links are listed below.

Some program will give you more if you refer others to do their quizzes so make sure your family and friends get involved so that you will get the full reward.

For example, compound will give you $59, EOS $50, and Stellar Lumens another $50.

Don’t forget to check your email from time to time to check if coinbase sent you an invitation to do more quizzes.

Sometimes the quizzes have expiry dates so make sure to check it from time to time.

We will do 3 of their recent quizzes for this tutorial.



We will start with Maker DAO.

What are the native assets of the Maker protocol?

The answer is MKR and DAI.

That’s correct, you just earned $2 worth of MKR!



Who runs Maker DAO?

The answer is MKR holders.

That’s correct, you just earned another $2 worth of MKR!



What do you need to generate DAI today?

The answer is, a crypto wallet and crypto collateral.

That’s correct, you just earned another $2 worth of MKR!

Let us look at our transaction to see the MKR that we earned. You earned about $6 worth of MKR from coinbase earn.

Now we do celo.


Start course.


How does celo give greater access to financial tool?

The answer is, by making crypto accessible on mobile phones.

That’s correct, you just earned another $2 worth of celo!



What are 3 things celo is used for?

The answer is, staking, governance and stability.

That’s correct, you just earned another $2 worth of celo!



What’s one way to send a celo dollar?

The answer is, using the valora mobile app.

That’s correct, you just earned another $2 worth of celo!


See how easy it is to do. Where can you get $6 by in just a few minutes? Like I said $6 may be nothing in the western countries like the United States or Australia but in the Philippines, that $6 or 300 pesos is already a days wage to some and you got that in just a few minutes.

Now let’s do compound. Start course.


Lesson 1

What’s a key benefit of using compound?

The answer is, earning interest on your crypto.

That’s correct, you just earned $3 worth of comp!


Lesson 2.

What do you need to do to borrow crypto with compound?

The answer is, supply a crypto assets as collateral.

That’s correct, you just earned another $3 worth of comp!


Lesson 3.

Who gets to decide the future of the compound protocol?

The answer is, comp token holders.

That’s correct, you just earned another $3 worth of comp!

Let us do the fourth step.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to earn interest by using Coinbase Wallet to supply crypto to Compound. Complete the tutorial and you’ll earn $10 in COMP and $3 in USD Coin (USDC). Our step-by-step tutorial usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Ok, let’s do it, start the tutorial.

Set up your coinbase wallet. You can download the app on your mobile phone.

Once you have the coinbase wallet connect your coinbase account.

They will send you some crypto just for this tutorial. A $3 worth of USDC to stake and a $6 worth of ethereum for gas fees.

Just click on, send me some crypto.

It says it might take 10 minutes for your crypto so just be patient and wait for it to appear in your coinbase wallet, (the coinbase mobile wallet app not the coinbase site app).

Once you got the crypto in your wallet just follow the steps given.

Open coinbase wallet on your phone. If you don’t see your eth and USDC, pull down on the coin list to refresh your balance. It may take up to 10 minutes for the funds to arrive. Then “tap earn interest on your crypto” and read through the next 2 screens in the app.

Let us see in our coinbase wallet.

Yep there it is, the funds have arrived.

In the wallet, I now have $9.83. They have sent me $6.83 worth of ethereum and $3 worth of USDC.

Let us go back to the instruction and follow the next step.

The instruction says. Tap “USD coin” to continue. Select compound from the provider list. Then tap continue to proceed to the next step.

Click earn interest in your crypto.

Then click on I understand.

Click on USD coin, then compound, and then click on continue.

Put all the $3 that they gave us, then click on continue.

Then click on lend.

We now have $3 earning interest in our wallet.

After doing that task, you will get a message from coinbase earn that you just earned $10 worth of compound.

Send your links to 4 of your friends to earn another $40 if they sign up using your referral links.

If you haven’t done this quiz I suggest you use my links listed in the description below.

Let us go back to earn.

We finished this maker and celo. We also finished compound but there is still $40 to be earned when 4 signs up using my referral link.

Same with EOS, I still have $30 to be earned when 3 signs up using my referral link. Same with stellar lumens.

I have missed a few and now all ended and can’t do it anymore. This is why you have to keep a lookout in your email for an invitation from coinbase to earn when new quizzes come out.

If you missed the chance then it just a waste of easy money.

I missed a few as well, kyber network, orchid, tezos, and dai.

Let us look at what I earned by just doing this tutorial.

I earned $31!

That is just in a few minutes. Not even half an hour.

What is $31 in Philippine pesos? That’s about 1,550 pesos. Can you find that money in the Philippines in just 30 minutes?

So yeah it is easy money.

I hope you guys will look into and be able to participate in this coinbase earn.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed that and I hope you managed to earn a bit of money because of this.

Until next time.

Adios amigos.


This is not financial advice or investment advice. Everything we cover here is my experiences, opinions and what I would do. Please do your own research.

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