No More Favors: A Tale Of Ungratefulness

Been there, done that, given without receiving.

Ever found yourself in that predicament?

It’s like pouring water into a bottomless pit, isn’t it? Take it from me folks.

I once lent a helping hand to a soul who’d been scammed, parted with my hard earned cash, all out of the goodness of my heart.

But what did I get in return?

Not even a whisper of gratitude.

Another time I loan money to a friend in need.

Big surprise.

Never saw a dime of it again.

And who could forget the infamous AirDrop incident?

Sent my share, waited patiently, and ended up with zilch.

So here’s my resolution.

No more favors.

It’s high time we value our own worth, don’t you think?

Remember, kindness is a virtue, but so is wisdom.

Let’s not confuse generosity with gullibility.

End of line.

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