Hey everyone, welcome back to Pinoy Crypto Channel, your go-to channel for the latest in the world of cryptocurrency! Today, we have an exciting project to dive into: 99Bitcoins and their new token, 99BTC. We’re going to explore what this project is all about, its rich history, and the incredible staking rewards it offers. Plus, I’ll be sharing some details on their ongoing presale and why you might want to consider jumping in. Let’s get started!

What is 99Bitcoins?
So, what is 99Bitcoins? Established in 2010, 99Bitcoins began as BitcoinWithPapal.com. Over the years, it evolved into one of the most trusted educational platforms for cryptocurrency, amassing over 700,000 loyal users. Their primary mission? To demystify the complex world of crypto for newcomers. They offer tutorials, news, and now, a revolutionary interactive learning experience through their 99BTC token.

If you have been following my channel I did a review on the Learn and Earn Program of Coinbase. The learn and earn program on coinbase is a great way to earn tokens while learning about the tokens. So I am assuming that it will be the same with 99bitcoins but using the 99btc token as the main token.

The Launch of 99BTC Token
Recently, 99Bitcoins launched their own token, 99BTC, as part of their Learn2Earn initiative. This program rewards users for expanding their crypto knowledge by completing educational modules and quizzes.

Staking Rewards and Presale Details
And here’s where it gets really interesting: staking $99BTC can yield an astounding 1,033% annual return! That’s right, over 1,000% in staking rewards.

These staking rewards are achieved through a secure smart contract, and currently, over 1 Billion tokens are already locked into the staking platform. It’s important to note that this percentage will decrease over time as more tokens are staked, so early participation is key. The presale price is currently set at $0.00106 per token, and with only 2 days left in the presale, they’ve already raised $1.6 million. Impressive, right?

If you decide to join the presale, make sure to use my referral link (https://bs_e6d2543b.earnashare.care?aff=593590). Remember, the sooner you get in, the higher your potential rewards. I also heard that there might be another round of presale with a higher price so if you managed to get in now that means your tokens will be at a higher price next presale.

Benefits of Being a 99BTC Token Holder
Being a 99BTC token holder comes with several perks. Aside from the high staking rewards, holders gain exclusive access to VIP groups, trading signals, and special community initiatives. This promotes long-term holding and active community engagement.

Learn2Earn Platform
The Learn2Earn platform is at the heart of 99Bitcoins’ mission. Users can earn 99BTC by engaging with their vast library of educational resources. Topics range from blockchain basics to advanced trading strategies. Completing courses and quizzes not only boosts your crypto knowledge but also earns you more tokens. It’s a win-win!

Roadmap and Future Plans
Now, let’s talk about their roadmap. In Q2 2024, they’ve launched the presale and staking opportunities. By Q3, investors can claim their 99BTC tokens, and the token will be listed on decentralized exchanges. By Q4, the beta version of their platform will be live, with continuous optimizations and strategic partnerships rolling out beyond 2024. They also plan to migrate from ERC-20 to BRC-20, leveraging the security and popularity of the Bitcoin network.

99Bitcoins is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards an informed and empowered crypto community. With their innovative Learn2Earn model, they’re setting new standards in crypto education. So, if you’re looking to enhance your crypto knowledge and earn rewards, 99Bitcoins might just be the perfect project for you.

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